Amorphous Alloy Core Dry Type Transformer

Amorphous alloy core dry type transformers of 10kV level and below

Product introduction

Amorphous alloy core dry type transformer, using amorphous alloy as the core material, and epoxy resin as the coil insulation material, thus has a lower loss, flame retardant, low discharge, good mechanical strength, safe and reliable characteristics.It's generally installed in power distribution rooms or box-type substations for lighting or power supply and the capacity is generally 2500kVA and below.

Product features
  • Low Noise

    Normal operating noise is below 55 decibels 1) select high-quality amorphous alloy, select appropriate magnetic flux density and natural vibration frequency of iron core. 2) silicone rubber and elastic components are used in all clamping parts to buffer and reduce amplitude.

  • Low Loss

    Energy efficiency standards 1) amorphous alloy material has no crystal structure, low magnetization power, high resistivity and low eddy current loss. 2) adopt magnetic flux leakage (MFL) calculation, take effective measures to reduce the stray loss, at the same time effectively prevent local overheating, reduce the winding hot spot temperature rise. 3) reasonable selection of coil conductor, reduce the winding eddy current loss, stray loss and other additional losses. 4) optimize the transposition between wires to make the cross-link flux even and reduce the circulation loss caused by magnetic leakage. 5) grooving is carried out on the iron core drawing board to reduce the loss of the structural parts of the iron core and prevent local overheating.

  • Low Partial Discharge

    1) the solid insulation composed of high quality resin and glass fiber has high electrical strength and small partial discharge, which can be controlled within the range of ≤5pC. 2) low local discharge makes the transformer in the whole service life, without any cracks, no insulation level drop phenomenon.

  • Fire Resistance

    Fire resistance 1) the iron core is covered with insulating paint, and the coil is sealed with epoxy resin. It can operate in humid environment and has strong corrosion resistance. 2) in the case of high temperature open flame combustion, the transformer almost does not produce any smoke 3) combustion grade F1

  • High overload capacity

    1) the air cooling system is composed of several low-noise radial fans to reduce the temperature and increase the overload capacity. 2) it can be operated under long-term periodic load or temporary first-aid load.

Application scenarios
  • Substation

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