Photovoltaic, Wind Power Box Type Booster Station

Product introduction

With the continuous development of social economy, green environmental protection has gradually become the theme of the world today. The booming development of wind power generation and solar photovoltaic power generation market has driven the rapid development of box-type substation market for new energy power generation.Our company's 10kV, 35kV photovoltaic, wind power transformers and pre-installed substation digestion and absorption of the world's advanced technology, combined with the domestic market demand to develop own series of products.This series of products is a complete set of substations, which install the transformer part, the HV part, the LV part and the auxiliary equipment of the power transformer in a common enclosure and pass the type test. The structural product integrates the advantages of European type and American type, is a new type of booster equipment specially designed for the particularity, with strong sets, easy to install, short construction period, low operating costs, high structural strength, strong anti-corrosion performance, environmental protection and energy saving advantages.

Product features
  • Rich and Reasonable Layout

    Photovoltaic, wind power box type booster station, the system layout is reasonable, compact, including low-voltage inlet cabinet, transformer and high-voltage outlet cabinet three parts, respectively installed in three separate rooms, "eye" font or "L" font layout, function is perfect, easy to maintain; Telecontrol devices and power transformers are installed in the low-voltage room to realize telecontrol control of box transformer and self-supply of box transformer, so as to meet the requirements of photovoltaic and wind power generation systems.

  • High Safety

    When the transformer radiator is installed in an open type, it realizes the completely natural ventilation cooling performance, saves a lot of power loss caused by forced ventilation, and eliminates the defect that the fan performance brought by forced ventilation is unreliable and easy to overtemperature tripping. In addition, the charged body is completely sealed in the box transformer to solve the dust protection problem. "Five prevention" function is complete, operation and maintenance is convenient, according to the need to meet the requirements of maintenance and repair in rainy days.

  • Small Space

    The high voltage load switch is installed in the transformer oil tank, and the box transformer is arranged in the shape of "L" and "eye". The low voltage room is equipped with telecontrol device and power transformer to realize the telecontrol control of the box transformer and the box transformer self-supply. Because there is no transformer room, the machine occupies a relatively small area, the machine cost is lower, and the user investment is reduced.

  • Easy to Replace

    "目" font layout, low voltage room set up remote devices and power transformers, realize the remote control of box transformer and box transformer power supply. The isolation knife of 35kV high voltage switch is placed in a separate room with the fuse assembly, which solves the problem that the entire circuit needs to be cut off when the fuse or arc extinguisher is replaced by the general switch.

Application scenarios
  • Photovoltaic (pv) electric field

  • Wind farm

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