Smart and Safe Electricity

Smart electricity safety management system

Product introduction

Smart and safety management system, through the internet of things technology on the main factors of electrical fire, such as cable temperature anomaly, overload, short circuit, grounding, three-phase imbalance, overvoltage, poor contact and leakage current, the limit, etc.) for continuous tracking and statistical analysis of data and will find information about all kinds of hidden dangers timely push to operations staff, to eliminate potential electrical fire danger, the realization of the aim of "nip in the bud".

Product features
  • Real-time Monitoring

    Monitor the residual current, temperature, voltage, current, power, electrical energy and other equipment status of each detection point 24 hours a day.

  • Electrical Safety Assessment

    The system will analyze and calculate the electricity safety and health index according to the multi-dimension of electricity leakage, temperature and alarm.

  • The Leakage Monitoring

    Real-time leakage curve monitoring and analysis.

  • Equipment Management

    Manage the electrical equipment through the mode of small program and APP scanning code, and manage the entire life cycle of the electrical equipment, and record all operation and maintenance logs.

  • Alarm Warning

    When the electrical abnormality is diagnosed by the system, it should be located accurately and inform the user and the operation and maintenance personnel by means of interface message, short message and APP push in a timely manner.

  • The Remote Control

    Managers with authority can remotely set various parameters of the sensor, or perform operations such as switching, reset, muffling, self-check and remote parameter setting on the monitoring equipment, so as to facilitate management and improve work efficiency at the same time. And provide operation log, traceable, find.

  • Intelligent Operation

    Integrated with online monitoring and equipment management, the whole process of operation and maintenance management.

Product features
  • Cloud Service Platform

    All electricity data is stored on the cloud, which is more secure.

  • Full Life Cycle Management of Equipment

    Provide one-thing, one-code management for electrical equipment, and record all operation and maintenance logs of equipment.

  • Big Data Analysis

    Big data analysis, diagnosis of user safety and electricity health index.

  • The Remote Control

    Convenient management, and improve work efficiency. And provide operation log, traceable, find.

  • 365*24 Hours Operation and Maintenance

    24-hour offline operation and maintenance team to protect your safe electricity.

Application scenarios
  • Shopping Malls, Markets, Hotels and Restaurants

  • Internet Bars, Entertainment Venues

  • Pension Institutions, Relief and Welfare Institutions, Places of Worship

  • Production, Storage and Business Operation Sites of Hazardous Chemicals

  • Suburban fringe of rural rental housing "personnel concentration, the use of concentrated areas of electrical appliances

  • Hospitals, schools, cultural and insurance units and other fields

  • Underground shopping malls and other crowded underground places

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